Is South Africa a safe place to travel with my children?


We have never had an incident with one of our tours in almost 20 years of travel. Certain precautionary measures should be taken and will normally be explained and managed by your guide. In the event of a self-drive tour, these can be shared with our clients as well. The properties within our selected itineraries are generally in very safe areas so there is absolutely no need for concern.


Should we book our flight to land in Cape Town or Johannesburg?


Most of our itineraries include Cape Town as a highlight of a tour and it’s also the gateway to the Garden Route. Most of the flights fly directly into the reserves, even those which form part of the Kruger National Park on our Package 1 option. So it is quite convenient to fly into Cape Town and you would probably end up saving on one flight if you are able to. Should you wish to visit Soweto or Apartheids Museum, we would recommend flying into Johannesburg (OR Tambo International Airport). Our packages which include Madikwe Game Reserve would be easier accessed via Johannesburg.


Why would I chose Madikwe Game Reserve and not Kruger National Park?


The Greater Kruger National Park does offer some of the best game viewing in Africa. We have selected three reserves which we find offers the best of the best, they are Sabi Sand, Timbavati and Thornybush. They do all fall within a low risk malaria area and many choose not to take risk with malaria, especially not with children. Because these lodges fall within such a high reputation area, the rates are also slightly higher.


Madikwe does therefore offer great value for money with same standard lodges, especially the two lodges which form part of our portfolio namely Morukuru and Molori.


Can we still expect good wildlife sightings if we choose Madikwe and not Kruger National Park area?


There are many reserves which claim Big 5 experience, outside of the Greater Kruger National Park area we rate Madikwe to be the best, by far. The wildlife sightings are superb and we would never have included it as an option if we were not confident that your highest expectation would not be met. You can choose Madikwe without any concern.


Is malaria a big issue in South Africa?


With our tour packages, we only have three which fall within a malaria area, namely: Kruger National Park, Mozambique, Rocktail Camp. Our advice will always be the same, even if we know they fall within a low risk area. That advise would be that you need to contact your local pharmacist or doctor for advice. With that said, we have not had feedback from one of our clients who has contracted malaria while traveling to one of our properties in South Africa.


What time of the year should we travel to South Africa?


Each season does offer a unique experience in South Africa. Some people believe that the best time to do a safari is in winter, I love early spring. Whale season also falls within the latter part of winter into summer. Cape Town does experience winter rain but very hot summers. KwaZulu natal weather in winter is very comfortable and that would include a Mozambique island experience. So although my answers sound very vague you can really travel South Africa at any time of the year although if I had to choose I would say August – May would be perfect. Winter, if you like warm weather but not too hot.


Are the roads of good quality in South Africa, are the roads safe to travel on?


If you choose a self-drive tour, we would always recommended it for Cape Town and yes it is perfectly safe to travel on the roads in Cape Town. The roads are mostly in good condition although if you do travel to more rural areas there are some potholes, goats and cows as well as many pedestrians to be watchful of. Our guides are all very familiar with traveling in SA so on a guided tour you should feel safe knowing our guides are careful drivers.



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